La giostrina di Boubat

(The Boubat’s Little Carousel)


Flavio Gatti

For Four Harps (Score and parts)

Arranged by Gabriella Bosio and Igor Sciavolino


The Boubat’s Little Carousel is a short composition which echoes some of the early twentieth century French music. It has a naive and slightly melancholy flavour with echoes of contemporary Russian music.


The author wrote it originally for ocarina ensembles and then created other versions for piano and guitar. I have arranged it for four harps and it moves in unison at times, but often independently. It should be played lightly, revealing small dissonances and the various contrapuntal lines. The song can also be performed with Celtic harps.


The fingerings are designed according to the phrasing and rhythm. The indication of the metronome is just a suggestion.


Gabriella Bosio