Carmen ‘Suite de Concert’


Georges Bizet

For three harps and optional tambourine

Transcribed by Flavio Gatti (Score and parts)


This is the final work to which our dear friend Flavio Gatti dedicated himself before passing away: the music expresses all of his passion, his talent and the friendship we shared for so many years. This piece is accompanied by the score and the individual parts for each harp. The fingerings, where necessary, are indicated just on the single parts, not on the score. The pedals are traditionally marked in letters according to English terminology. All of the single parts are photocopiable.


For this transcription Flavio Gatti utilized piano versions from the late 1800s (one of which was edited by Bizet himself), while always referring to the original orchestral score. The metronome markings are to be considered optional, but for the sake of completeness the ones from Bizet’s original score are indicated in parenthesis. The tempo and dynamic markings have at points been altered to adapt better to the harp. Similarly, the fingerings have been conceived and suggested to facilitate the performance on the harp of the phrases, the slurs containing long notes and the particularly fast rhythms.


The piece was premiered on July 8th, 2010 by the Ensemble Trilli e Glissés, during the Organalia festival in Ciriè, near Torino, Italy. It was played at ‘G. Verdi’ Conservatorium in Torino, Italy, on February 18th, 2011.


Gabriella Bosio